Used Tanning Beds

We all dream about having our own tanning bed and benefit from round year tan. The cost of a home tanning system can however be a bit pricey especially if we want to buy high standard systems. That is why so many people today find used tanning bed so appealing. The cost of used tanning beds can range between $150 and $2000. The problem with used tanning beds is that they don't come with warranties. Also, many times they are as expensive as the new ones.

It is better to buy an used bed from an individual than one that was used hundreds of times a week in a tanning salon. Make sure you try out all the features, check out how the timer and the bulbs work and verify the wiring. The thing is, used tanning beds can in good condition right through to in very bad condition. If you buy one that turns out to be in the second category you will not be able to return it. Make sure you test out the used booth before you buy it. There's no reason why you should not trust a used equipment as long as you purchase it from a trustful source. Assure that the tanning bed you purchase conforms with FDA and state laws and regulations.