How much does a home tanning bed cost?

Home tanning beds can be expensive so make sure you find one that's in sale. Even though the discounts are not always massive they are usually enough to make your purchase worthwhile. You can find excellent sales if you shop around throughout the web. Don't forget that used models will save you hundreds of dollars. The price of the average home system is in the $1,000 - $3,000 range but it can top $5,000 for an horizontal home system. A vertical standing tanning bed is the newer and more expensive model with the average price falling in the $7,000 - $10,000 range. We can say this is a competitive price if we consider the money we spend frequenting tanning salons. Cost can of course vary greatly depending on various differentiating factors such as brand and features.

Most people imagine they will need all the features a home tanning system can provide. These features include aroma therapy, a misting fan, cooling fan and radio. Don't forget that any of these amenities tack on dollars too. Try not to put too much price on brands. Make sure the tanning bed you purchase is good in quality, warranty and features before you choose it for its label. Keep in mind that it all comes down to getting a great price for an efficient tanning bed.