Tanning Safety


Even the most die-hard tanning advocate will condone the use of some sort of protection on your skin. Many people get beautiful, even, and healthy looking tans with sunscreen on. But what is sunscreen anyway?

Sunscreen is a lotion, cream or oil applied on your skin to block the absorption of UV rays - a job normally performed by your melanin. As the sunscreen begins to wear off or lose effectiveness, tiny amounts of UV Rays are allowed through your skin, and into the melanin. This is way you can still get a tan with sunscreen on!

The most common ingredient in sunscreens is PABA, or Para-Aminobenzoic acid. This chemical absorbs the harmful UVB known to be responsible for causing cancer, wrinkles and other adverse side effects. PABA is considered extremely effective, but if you have senstitive skin, steer clear of PABA. It tends to cause rashes, itchiness and some other allergic reactions. Other sunscreen chemicals include Cinnamates, which also absorb UVB rays; benzophenones, which absorb the UVA rays, and anthranilates, with absorb both A & B rays.