Sunless Tanning: Professional

If you're still a little concerned with all the talk of the harmful effects of UV rays, you can still reap the aesthetic advantages of having a healthy, glowing tan. There are several services at most tanning salons that allow you to get a professionally applied artificial tan - and you don't have to sacrifice authenticity. Professional sunless tanning services have been steadily improving the look to be more natural - and it's working. Just open any page of a celebrity magazine - can you tell which star has a real tan and which are fake?

Some salons offer airbrush tans, like the "Mystic Tan". For these types of procedures, you stand in a booth in several different positions as high pressure tint comes out of the walls. The gentle mist subtly coats your body in the pigment, resulting in a tan several shades darker than you started. Prices for this service range - although none are generally considered outrageous by any means.

Other salons offer more detailed services. High-end salons are now offering "shading" as a complementary service in addition to your spray tan. A shader will airbrush darker or lighter area on your body to give the appearance of cleavage, a flat or "six-pack" stomach, thinner legs, or more defined facial bone structure. Hey, everyone says they look thinner with a tan - why not take it the extra step?

Some salons offer other sunless tanning procedures involving lotion application and full body airbrush application. If you're wary of spending too much time in the sun, call one of your local salons to inquire about their sunless tanning services.