Tanning Goggles

Hate the goggles you have to wear when tanning? You're not alone. But the Food and Drug Administration requires all tanning salons to direct patrons to use them - and for good reason! Closing your eyes is not enough! Overexposure to UV rays can damage your retina...even burn your cornea. In some worst-case scenarios, years of overexposure to UV Rays (and that includes UVA - the "good" UV rays) can change the entire structure of your lens, possibly leading to cataracts. Left untreated cataracts have been known to cause blindness.

Thankfully, you have some choices. Most salons have done away with the bulky, strap-around-your head goggles. Small goggles that rest over your eyes with a thin strap crossing your nose are typically the standard now. This eliminates the tell-tale "fake-bake" lines than run from the end of your eyes into your hairline. Many salons also offer goggle-stickers. These stickers have a very small amount of adhesive to assure your eyelids are not only shut, but protected by the opaque material. Pulling the stickers off at the end of your tanning session is painless. Whichever option you choose, remember...no tan is worth risking your sight for.