Getting a Tanning Bed for Your Home

In our busy lives today, it's often hard to find even 20 minutes to get to a tanning salon. It can also begin to get expensive. If you are a frequent tanner, you might be wise to look into purchasing your own tanning bed. They can be purchased for a reasonable price (think of what you pay for tanning packages!) - and some even offer free shipping. Overall the biggest draw of purchasing a bed for your home is the convenience. The ability to use the bed at your leisure is very enticing. Just picture the person coming home from work and taking only a few minutes to relax under the bulbs as the rays give your skin a healthy glow.

Always choose a home bed with a lower wattage bulb than a commercial bed. You're probably going to be using your home bed far more than you would traveling to tan, so a lower wattage bed will be safer. Plus, a lower wattage bulb allows the melanin in your skin to reveal itself slowly - resulting in a more even, and longer lasting tan.

Remember, when an apparatus like a tanning bed becomes accessible in your home, there is ability to abuse it. Make sure you're using your bed in moderation. Also make sure the bed is not used by children.