Tanning Options

Sometimes, your efforts to attain a beautiful glowing look do not coincide with nature's seasonal tendencies. There are many events in our lives for which we want to look tan, healthy and beautiful...and they're not always in the summer. When the beaches are closed, you need a tanning salon to achieve this look.

Tanning salons in all shapes, sizes, and varieties exist all over the country. The regulations and specifications for each salon are generally unique to the owner. Some make you sign waivers, others require a time limit, some won't even let you tan for 2 days in a row! But the end results are the same. After a few short sessions, a tanning salon promises an even and healthy looking tan.

Tanning salons typically offer several options. You can choose to stand in a booth, or lie down in a bed. The booth usually offers a better chance of a more even tan. You don't have pressure points touching any glass or bulbs. If you don't mind standing for 15 minutes, and are looking for evenness, booths are for you. In the beds, you lie down, either face down or face up, and close the door over you. In a bed, you can shut your eyes, relax and doze off while the bulbs provide a warming...and tanning sensation.

Recently, there has been a wave of new tanning trends. Airbrushed tans, professionally applied lotion tans and others of the sort are being offered at salons everywhere. For those worried about negative effects from UV ray exposure, these options are great alternatives.