Tanning Stickers

Tanning stickers are a popular addition to the tanning craze. They are often given away at no charge to patrons of a tanning salon. Tanning stickers are useful for several reasons. First (and foremost for the owner of the salon), they prove the effectiveness of the bed or booth you're using. Put a sticker on your body somewhere, and after only one session, you will probably see a difference in the shades. Frequent visitors will go back again and again, putting the sticker in precisely the same place as last time, and watch their skin get darker and darker.

Another purpose these serve is for body decoration. Much like tattoos or henna, tanning stickers can be considered a form of body art. Stickers come in many popular shapes like hearts, butterflies, playboy bunnies, and palm trees. People can choose to decorate their body in a semi-permanent way - and when they're tired of the design, let the UV rays fill it in with a tan!