Home Lotions and Creams

At this point, there are so many different self tanners on the market, it's hard to know which to choose from. Many sites and magazines will offer their opinion of "the best" or "the top ten"- but since every skin type is so different from one another, to find the best, you must test several products.

The good news: your options are virtually endless. There are lotions, creams, aerosol sprays, soaks, towel, etc. The most popular sunless tanning products are general the lotions and the sprays.

Lotions work the same way as body lotions. You put a little into the palm of your hand and massage it evenly right into your skin Do this over your entire body.

Sprays are basically self explanatory - spray a little up the front of your leg, and evenly rub in the tint. Repeat this all over your body, making sure not to miss any important spots.

An important thing to keep in mind: some lotions that are meant for your body are not meant to be applied to your face! Be sure to check all labels before you purchase something. If you cannot find a sunless tanning product that you can apply to both your face and body (so they're not different colors!) be very careful about matching your facial tanner and your body tanner. Test the facial tanner on a hidden spot on your body to check the accuracy of the color match.

And ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wash your hands when you're done applying the product or you will have discolored hands!