Beach vs Pool Tanning

You may be one of those people who see no need for tanning salons, since there is a never ending supply of sun right outside your door! (That is, if you are lucky enough to be in a location where you can lay in the sun year round!) If that's the case, then your hardest tanning decision is usually: beach or pool.

Beach tanning gives you a certain ambiance - the sun, the sand, the games. There is nothing quite like a day with friends spent at one of the most beautiful places on earth. Whether you're a lake person, or ocean person, the necessities are: big blankets, big towels, plenty of water, a good book, and a pair of sunglasses.

Pool tanning tends to conjure up a whole different ideal of outdoor tanning. Picture the bathing beauties lounging in long white chairs, sipping lemonade, and diving into a crystal clear, 80 degree pool. While you might not have all those luxuries, a day at the pool guarantees creature-free water, nearby bathrooms, and a little less "roughing it" (if that's what a day at the beach could really be called!)

The bottom line is your tan will not be any different laying next to a pool as opposed to a beach. Make sure you have sun protection on whenever laying out, and stay hydrated.