Finding a Good Space for Your Salon

Have you ever noticed that most of the tanning salons you go to are part of a plaza or another building? You don't often see someone buying land and building a new stand alone structure to start a tanning salon. There is a reason for this! The costs associated with buying property to start a tanning salon are going to be extreme and chances are, your charges are not going to be high enough to make up for the property investment. Many salon owners get good deals on rent in plazas (as do pizza parlors, Chinese food restaurants, dry cleaners - get the picture?) Each of these businesses are able to sustain themselves despite their low charges because they have lower rent.

Now, scout out a good plaza. Plazas with grocery stores or popular restaurants are always jackpots. Also find a place close to major road. Do you have a road that is traveled more than any other in your community? That's a good place to start. Then branch of roads from that major road.

So, now you've got your place in the plaza. The single most important marketing thing you can do is signage. Typically, plazas get a lot of foot traffic to begin with. Now you need to let them know you're there, and you've got a service they can't resist. Bottom line: don't skimp on the money for your signage.