Tanning in the Nude

Many people enjoying tanning in the nude. Whether deciding to tan nude in a bed or booth, visiting a nude beach or pool resort, or spending a little time in the nude in the privacy of your own backyard, naked tanning especially appeals to those who are trying to avoid tan lines for aesthetic reasons.

You should treat nude tanning similarly to tanning in a bathing suit. Protective lotion of some degree is always recommended - no matter how much or how little you're wearing. Apply the lotion before you go out in the sun, so you can any spots you may have missed.

Remember, when you're naked, you have a few "sensitive" spots you might want to put lotion on, or cover with a towel periodically. Spots that don't typically see the sun will burn quicker - and be far more painful when burned.

Overall, be sensible. Don't bake your nude body in the sun for hours. Treat your nude tanning experience as you would any other - and be smart.